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Where can I find the legislation relevant to my state ?

Each state has its own legislation with regard to firearms.

Can I get coaching to improve my shooting in South Australia ?

The State Coaching Council hosts training sessions for SARPA members to become coaches. These coaches are based in clubs and often run training sessions for club members. SCC also hosts “Training on the Line” for those competitors who have had more experience and supports Junior development squad with coaching sessions.

What do I do if I want to try the sport of pistol shooting ?

Contact the Secretary of a local Club and go for a visit. FInd A Club

What are the different types of disciplines in pistol shooting ?

International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) matches, often referred to as the Olympic matches, Pistol Australia(PA) matches listed on, and Action Pistol matches listed on

What grade or level do I need to be to enter Opens and other competitions ?

In Opens and State Titles you can be any grade. Nationals are ungraded. Australia and World Cups may require you to achieve a qualifying score if nominations exceed range quota. PA Website

When I purchase a firearm in South Australia how do I have to store it ?

Pistol must be kept in a locked safe made from hardwood or steel and securely attached to the building ( unless the safe weighs more than 150kg when empty.) Rifles must in a locked container made from hardwood or steel which is securely attached to the building.

What is required in South Australia to keep a firearms licence ?

You must meet the requirements for an active member set out in the South Australian Firearms Act 1977, Part 1, 5-Interpretation, Clause 1 active member, 1(a), 1(a)(i) and 1(a)(ii) and 1(b), 1(b)(i) and 1(b)(ii)

Can I own a firearm if I take up the sport in South Australia ?

Yes you can in accordance with the requirements set out in the South Australian Firearms Act 1977, Part 3, Division 1, Clause 11, 12 & 13

What are the steps to becoming a licensed pistol shooter in Queensland ?

Refer to attachment.

What do I have to do to join a Club in South Australia ?

Visit your local club. They will need to apply to SAPOL (SA Police) and you will usually need to supply references for you to be a member. You may need to do the SARPA Firearms Awareness Training Course (FASAT) before becoming a member or as soon as you join.